Winter Skincare Heros

Surprisingly the weather in Manchester hasn’t been all that cold this week – I’ve had to take m coat off on the train because I’ve walked way to fast and overheated. That is not normal for Manchester and I know the freezing cold of last week is about to rear it’s ugly head once again and probably hang around until at least March. I thought today I’d share my skincare tips that get me through the winter months! 


This first one is the one everyone hates but honestly, it’s the best – water. Water keeps the skin hydrated and glowy especially the lips. I find if I don’t drink enough water by dinner time my lips are cracked and flaking. That might sound dramatic but welcome to my life. It also helps with my eczema and dark/dry eye bags. Basically, it is god. 

Lip Care

Speaking of lips I have two favourite lip products I swear by. The Nuex Reve de Miel and Burts Bees lip balm. The Nuex one is definitely thicker and more of a mask which I typically use noting and nigh, however, I’ve recently been reaching for it through the day as my lips are so dry! The Burts Bees one is perfect for on the go and it comes in a variety of flavours – I cannot wait to pick up a peppermint one for the festive period! 

Layer Up

Layering is key for everything in the winter. I once even layered gloves and mittens – like I said I’m very dramatic! It’s so easy to neglect to moisturise your body in the winter but like they say in the gym summer bodies are built in the winter and it’s so important to look after your skin! I like to use a lightweight moisturiser in the morning such as the Neutrogena Body Cream and then a thicker creamier one at night like my Body Shop Hemp Body Cream. I am so tempted to try their Vanilla Marshmallow scent but the hemp is so moisturising. Obviously, I forget/run out of time a lot during the dark months but I do try to make time for it!

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Like the body, I also like to later on my face. I’ve recently bought Clinique All About Eyes Rich to keep my eyes hydrated as that is the first thing that gives me away! As in the summer, I layer serum, serum, acid and then moisturiser. Although I usually switch up my moisturiser for something a bit thicker in the winter months I haven’t quite found something perfect yet so I’m sticking with a gel cream from Neutrogena – just like the one I use on my body. 

I know it seems a little premature to be talking about the dark, dark depths on winter but they are definitely on the way. The dark nights are already making me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a book by half 6!

Thank you so much for reading my post!

Top Three Winter Lips

I’ve called this my top three winter lips but it could easily double as my top three matte lips. I love a matte lip in the winter for me summer is all about glossy lips and winter is definitely the time for a matte. I actually have all three bases covered which was not planned as there’s a berry, red and nude in here so there’s definitely something for everyone! 


Glossier Generation G – Jam

I really need to try more of Gloosier’s Generation G lipsticks as I love this one! It is a purple berry toned sheer matte although it can be built up to a deeper and dark purple or left sheer which is just as nice! Because it’s sheer it’s really lightweight on the lips and doesn’t dry them out although I do find it clings to any dry patches which aren’t the best but pretty unavoidable. As I’m writing this I’ve just received an email to say Generation G has been reformulated and repackaged so I will definitely be ordering some new shades now! 

MAC -Ruby Woo

 The OG. I don’t think this is actually the original but it’s such a cult classic it couldn’t not make this list! The staying power of this is unrivaled and it is very very matte. I prefer to wear it with a lip balm underneath to add some hydration or my lips are dreadful after a day of wearing this! This year I’ve found a great alternative in a by terry lip I wrote about here which is a beautiful velvety red.  


Charlotte Tilbury – Pillow Talk  

I must put this in every list I write about lips but it’s worth it. My go-to nude. This is even better in winter as it’s quite pale and doesn’t look as good on my summer skin. I love the finish of this and it’s actually quite comfortable to wear! 

What are your go-to winter shades? I know it’s really early in the season but I really want to find some new favourites this year to mix it up a bit? Also, do you class November as winter – I know it’s technically still autumn but the Christmas decorations are up all over Manchester so it definitely feels like winter to me!

Thank you for reading this post!

A Day in The Life: Spa Day

So this isn’t a typical day in my life as I went for a mini spa break! I wish it could be a typical day but that is not really ‘real life’ unfortunately! But I had a great time so I thought I’d share with you where we went and what we did! The spa we went to was Formby Hall, my mum and I go every year at the beginning of November and it’s always lovely!


We had a package deal which they have all year round and they are such good value for money. It cost us around £100 each but we got an overnight stay, a cocktail each, a two-course dinner, a breakfast, use of the spa and a head, neck and shoulder massage! I think it’s one of the best deals I’ve found we also added on a mud rasul which is basically covering yourself in clay and sitting in a very steamy steam room – it got so hot we had to leave before it was over and take a break! I was a bit concerned the mud would aggravate my eczema but it seems to have worked miracles and I am so happy! As you can see below I took comfort very seriously!

We also added on a light lunch for after our treatments and a glass of prosecco because when in Rome and all that! The evening meal was so nice and to say you’re on a set menu the options were really good although I was really boring and got soup and a burger!

I have recently turned into quite a gin fan and they have their own gin bar at Formby Hall so I had to try some new ones! I went for my favorite – Brockman’s which is like pink gin only not sickly sweet and then I tried Aviation Gin which is owned by Ryan Reynolds – I’m a huge fan of his so I’ve been trying to find somewhere that sells it for ages! I also tried Copperhead but I wasn’t overly impressed. We also had a few Singapore Sling cocktails which are so nice – my new favorite cocktail!


Breakfast was a buffet style with everything you could want – a typical English breakfast, fruit, cereal, pastries – I think they had everything except pancakes but they definitely were not missed. I’d highly recommend going – we signed up to a privilege card as well which gave us 10% off our drinks as well as a load of other perks so I’ll definitely be going back to make the most of it!

I hope you like this post – it’s a little different to what I normally post but I haven’t been trying anything overly exciting beauty wise so O thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to!

Thank you so much for reading!



Back in My Dressing Room

If you’ve read my blog before you might remember way back at the start of summer I moved out of my dressing room while we had a friend stay with us. I’ve recently moved back into my dressing room and it’s taken a while but it’s pretty much sorted – I still have a few bits to do like get a dressing table mirror etc but I am so happy with how it looks! I also put off painting the whole room as it’s in the loft so it would take so long to redecorate the whole room but I’ve definitely made it my own!


This is quite possibly my favorite corner of the house! I love sitting at my desk doing work or basically doing anything and just relaxing after a day. I love that I can see all of my clothes although I still only wear a few things on repeat! As you can see I have two sets of the Ikea Alex drawer with all my makeup, skincare and general beauty stuff in. Obviously, there are ten drawers there so they aren’t all full and there are a few practical university drawers too! I love this bargain chair I got from eBay for £19.99!


My desk is the last part to perfect – I really want a mirror on the wall but I can’t seem to find one that also fits underneath the window, everything is either too big or too small! I do have a few bits of everyday skincare and makeup on the desk but for the most part, it’s all tidied away in my drawers.


Another IKEA purchase! this is the malm four drawer unit and it is so handy. In here is all my summer clothes and PJs etc! I love that I have extra space to style things and to just have trinkets really! This flower arrangement and vase was actually left after a wedding I worked at so I got to take it home – there are definitely perks to my job! My jewelry box was also a bargain Home and Bargain find – it cost £4!!

I hope you’ve liked this mini tour – I was thinking of doing a makeup storage tour as well so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!

Thank you so much for reading!

October Favourites

Can you believe we’re hear already?! It’s Halloween on Wednesday and then we’re firmly in winter. I may have already bought a Christmas decoration! I am obsessed with Christmas but I hate winter – it’s the necessary evil for Christmas. This year, however, I am looking forward to it hopefully it lasts! This month’s favorites are a bit of a mix of things I’m loving but they have all been firm favourites this last month – I hope you enjoy! 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

The hype surrounding Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk never seems to fade away. After the launch of the eyeshadow quad (which I decided I didn’t need and then needed once it had sold out), I’ve fallen back in love with my duo. I love a nude lip in autumn/winter and this is perfect! I mean you definitely already know that as it’s so hyped but trust me it’s worth it!

Kheils Glow Formula Skin Hydrator & Smashbox Primerizer

I won’t say much about these as I have a whole post dedicated to them here. But they have been a firm favourite this month so I couldn’t leave them out!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream 

After featuring the face moisturizer in last months favorites I had to go out and purchase this! It is just as good – I love the idea of using similar ingredients for the face on the body. Why should the body be left out of all the new discoveries?! 

YSL Mon Paris Perfume

This is an oldie but a goodie. I love the smell and it lasts all day – it’s sweet but not sickly and the bottle is the colour of palms violets so what is not to love? It’s also one of those scents that everyone knows and loves as it’s been so popular in recent years – a good Christmas gift! 

The Haunting of Hill House – Netflix

I am such a wimp but having seen the stage version a few years ago I knew I had to watch this. It is amazing. It’s more than just a horror you really buy into the characters and their story which makes it very bingable. I think I watched it in about three nights! It is as scary as they say and I did cry with fear at one point but it was worth it! 

The Little Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking

The Danes do it right. I’m all about being cost especially as the cold dark days are setting in – this book is perfect to get a good understanding of hygge. It was written by a professor at The Happiness Research Institute and it definitely makes you feel warm and happy. A perfect autumn read! 

I’m going to apologize for mentioning Christmas twice but I can help myself and I’m only going to get worse as the weeks go on! I am obsessed and can’t wait to make Christmas content!

I hope you’ve liked this post!

Thank you so much for reading!

Skincare Miracle Duo

Todays post is my new skin care saviours! My skin really struggles during the winter months and I try to hold onto a summer glow as long as I can. I’m not that bothered about being tanned in the winter but a glow is still a must!

Recently I’ve been using two new products which have completely changed the game. They allow me to let my skin breathe but still look as though I’ve made an effort and the glow factor is definitely there! The miracle duo is the Smashbox primeriser mixed with the Kheils Glow Formula Skin Hydrator I am obsessed.

I’d heard great things about both of them and I loved the primeriser but I could not get on board with the glow formula it would flake off my face and I was not impressed whatsoever but once I’d mixed the two I’ve been obsessed!

It creates the perfect dewy and glowing base for foundation but most days I just add a bit of bronzer and brows and then top it off the the Mac Strobe Cream on the high points of my face and I’m done – so quick and easy! It makes my mornings before uni so much easier! I

I am currently in the process of switching my summer skincare into something a bit thicker and more heavy duty but the weather is still quite warm so I’m holding out for now! Keep an eye out though because I’m sure the cold will hit soon!

Thank you for reading!


Winter Wishlist

I think winter has definitely arrived – I was freezing walking to uni today. I love winter fashion cosy jumpers and boots are me all over! I have a few bits I’ve had my eyes on lately so I thought I’d put it into a wishlist! I hope you like it!

Oliver Bonus


I have never bought any clothes from Oliver Bonus but I walk past them every morning in Piccadilly Station and these three always catch my eye! The red and pink jumpers are right up my street – I think that is my favourite colour combination and you know I love leopard! The skirt though is definitely a love-hate. I love it but is the glitter a bit much? I can’t imagine myself ever wearing it but it looks so cool and I know someone will definitely pull it off!



I am obsessed with ASOS. I can’t do a wishlist without including some bits from ASOS. This white shirt is £29.99 and from mango – I love layering shirts under jumpers in winter and the collar detail on this would be beautiful! Who doesn’t love a cable knit jumper? I love dark jewel tones in winter and this doesn’t disappoint plus its a steal at £22! This last one is a bit annoying as I cannot find it on the ASOS site – it is just paired with a pair of jeans. So I can’t tell if its gone out of stock or it hasn’t been on the site at all yet! I love it though – I can’t get enough of stripes whatever the season!

New Look / River Island / M&S


I don’t know if I actually like this or not but it looks so cosy and warm – I’m not sure how it would fair in the Manchester rain but I want it nonetheless – and £39.99 is so good for a coat!
I don’t end up buying anything from River Island since I stopped getting a discount but I might have to buy this! It looks so simple yet chic I can just imagine it with a leather jacket and over the knee boots!
Finally M&S – I don’t know what it is but they have been amazing for clothes lately! I recently bought such a cute jumper – this dress is a part of the Holly Willoughby picks and it is so cute! I can’t believe I’m becoming and M&S fangirl!

Thank you so much for reading! I’m going through a bit of revamp/rebrand with my blog over the next few weeks so keep checking back!

Thank you!