Autumn Fashion Wishlist

I am so excited for autumn fashion! I love Summer and wearing sandals 24/7 the most but I’m at the point now where I am more than ready for cozy jumpers and boots. That sounds a little weird since there are no boots or jumpers in this wishlist but I don’t think the nicest ones are out yet – it is only just September!

I LOVE these River Island trousers! Khaki is one of my favourite colours to wear and this smart casual mix is right up my street! I feel like these are going to end up selling out by the time I want to buy them which is always my luck!

This leopard jumpsuit is from Zara and I am obsessed! As I’m writing this I am seriously debating ordering is as its new in and Zara is forever selling out! I’m not too sure if this is going to look right with boots and tights in the winter months so I’m holding off buying it but how beautiful is it! r

I always forget about H&M, I’ll pop in when I’m shopping but I forget about looking online and I’m not sure why! I love stripped t-shirts and I have both red and blue versions but this is dark grey and a jumper so it’s completely different right?!

This whole outfit is amazing! I love mustard in the autumn months and this jumpsuit looks so comfortable without being super casual! I really want to start wearing clothes that are smarter but whilst still being suitable for everyday wear and this is perfect!

More leopard? Can you ever have too much leopard? I’m not sure you can. My boyfriend actually hates leopard print clothes but I love it so that’s all that counts! I had a pair of these last year and they ripped my feet to shreds so I sent them back! These are currently out of stock on ASOS but I am definitely going to keep checking back!

I have ordered a top similar to this from TopShop but it’s currently sold out online so I can’t include a pic here but I hope it’s as amazing as I’m imagining in my head! This version is from Newlook!

I love looking back on my Wishlist posts to see what I end up buying as the season goes on. I actually ended up buying a lot of the stuff in my Spring Wishlist post and I can see that happening again here!

Thank you for reading!


Empties | 3

Today’s post was supposed to be a ‘Shop my Stash’ post but I have quite bad eczema around my eyes so I didn’t want to risk angering it! So instead I thought I’d carry on from my Glossier empties and show you some of my other empties I’ve been keeping hold of – there’s quite a few!


Let’s start with hair! I’ve been using both of these hairsprays intermittently over the past few months and I love them both the Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray is amazing I wish it lasted longer but it’s not as easy to get a hold of as the VO5 Ultimate hold which is also good so I picked up a full-sized VO5 can. However, I do think the Percy & Reed one is my favorite as the VO5 can be a bit sticky but I didn’t have time to order and wait for delivery so the VO5 one will be put to good use!

I have managed to get through quite a few skincare bits lately! I’ve left out the Glossier bits as they have their own post and I have a few more items very near the end ready for the next empties post! I am a massive The Ordinary fan and I’ve already ordered a few bits from ASOS. These empties though are the Buffet Serum and Retinol with Squalene 0.2% and I haven’t reordered either! The reason being is that I’ve gone up a % in the retinol so technically I have repurchased but the Buffet – I just didn’t see the hype. I am more than happy with my Hyaluronic acid by The Ordinary and I think it does a much better job!
I loved the Sand & Sky pink clay mask but when I have gone back to reuse it, it had dried out! I’m not sure whether it’s something I’ve done or if the mask dries out quite quickly but I’m really disappointed I loved using it – and so did my boyfriend on the sly!

I very rarely get through makeup as I’m so fickle but these two are two of my all time faves! Too Faced HangoverX Primer and YSL Touche Eclat. I don’t think either of these needs explaining as they’re both so popular! The primer is actually one of the only ones that don’t flake off of my skin (i don’t know why that happens but it’s a nightmare!) and it is perfect at giving skin a pick me up and moisturizing at the same time. I’m not going to repurchase this as I really want to try the Smashbox Primeriser but if that’s no good I’ll definitely go back to this! I love layering the YSL Touche Eclat under my foundation to brighten my eyes so I will definitely be repurchasing this – most probably once my eyes have sorted themselves out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – I know I only done the Glossier post a few weeks ago but I had no idea what to post once I realized Shop my Stash was out of the question! On that note, if you have any recommendations for eye creams to clear up my eczema I will be forever grateful!

Thanks for reading!

Review: ASOS Travel Essentials Box

I know I’ve already been on holiday and I absolutely did not need to buy the ASOS Travel Essentials Box but I have a Birchbox shaped hole in my life that I  felt the need to fill and then in came ASOS. I love that you can see what you’re getting before you get it and it gives you a chance to try out new products. I was really impressed with the box as it contained a lot of brands I’ve been wanting to try for a while but never got around to!


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I have always wanted to try this – it was very hyped in the beauty world but as always I never got around to it. Something new launched or In fell back in love with an old mascara but I was definitely excited to try it and I was not disappointed! This left my lashes looking full and fluffy exactly what I want! In always find my lashes clump and end up looking a bit like spiders legs but this is perfect almost like when my other mascaras begin to dry out but without being dry – I’m so glad I tried this!

Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil

I have been interested in trying OUAI for awhile but I didn’t know where to start! This is a lovely lightweight oil for the mid-lengths of your hair and it’s great! I’ve been smoothing it through t add extra moisture – I bleach my hair so it is always in need of hydration! I actually think I may purchase the full size of this and I never do that with hair oils!

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Brilliance Facial Oil

I wish I could give this a review but I can’t get it out of the bottle! It has a drip top and I have tried everything to get a used able amount out but it doesn’t work! I get a mini amount which does hydrate my hand but that’s not really the point! I am so disappointed as I’ve been on the verge of buying Emma Hardie products for a while so I thought this would be a great way to see if I liked them! Oh well – I’ll keep trying!

Glam Glow ThirstyMUd Hydrating Treatment

I’ve actually tried this a few times before but I was happy to have another mini to save me forking out on the full size anytime soon!

Radial Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Tonic

I originally thought this would be a toner but it is definitely a tonic. I’m not even sure I fully know the difference but the directions say to spray this on your face before and after makeup so I’ve been applying it before my primer and then again as a setting spray. It’s not a setting spray but it definitely hydrates skin which is perfect after powdering. The spray is quite harsh though so I’d advise spraying it at arm’s length or ruining a full face of makeup!

Touch in SOL No Poreblem Primer

You only get a tiny amount of this so I couldn’t give it a full test but when I have used it it did smooth over my pores and keep my make up on in the summer heat so that’s a winner! It’s also super lightweight and melts into the skin with ‘no poreblem’ (wow. sorry about the pun). It is similar to The Ordinary silicone primer but lately, that’s been breaking me out I think it must be to silicone and blocking my pores? I’m not entirely sure but I’m on the lookout for a new pore filler, however, I’m not sure this will be my new love!

I know this is no longer available but I thought I’d do this review anyway as there are some great products included that you might be wanting to try – I know I did! I hope you’ve enjoyed this I stopped doing posts like this for a while as I’d grown bored of them but maybe every once in a while would be a nice change!

Thank you so much for reading!

Five Key Holiday Pieces

I really should rename this ‘UK Heatwave Key Pieces’ this recent weather has had me reaching for my holiday clothes that usually get worn a week or two a year! This weather has been amazing – I haven’t gotten much/anything done the past few weeks as its been to hot! Any old excuse! I thought today I’d talk you through my five key pieces to make it through a holiday if you’re packing light!

Version 2

Summer Dress

Who doesn’t love a summer dress?! They’re so easy to throw on especially on a holiday where let’s be honest sometimes you just want an easy throw on and go outfit! This stripped version is from ASOS and although I love this dress it had a little accident in the washing machine and is now red (never leave your boyfriend to wash all the holiday washing however good it sounds!)

Denim Shorts

These are a staple in any summer wardrobe! I have a casual pair of old Levi shorts and a smarter pair for nighttimes or when I want to feel a little dressed up but still cool! I love the cool ‘I just threw these on’ feel of an old pair of denim shorts!


Sliders have really made a comeback over recent years! Now they come in all shapes and colours and are no longer just for dads taking out the bins!


These don’t really need mention but they are key so I thought I’d include them! They are also perfect for taking pictures on holiday and not squinting in every single picture!


I’m actually the worst at packing light and take one bikini/cover-up per day when realistically for a week you need two or three providing you take travel wash with you! I love this matching set from Primark – palm tree prints are perfect for summer!


Okay, I said five key pieces and this is a sixth but like I said I’m no good at packing light! If you are packing light you won’t want to take a lilo but Primark have so many cute ones I had to include it!

Writing this post has really made me want to go on holiday again! This weather is great and all but real life takes over and I don’t have a pool to lie by in sunny Manchester!

I hope you’ve liked this post!

Thank you for reading

Spring Fashion Wishlist

I love reading wishlist posts, I’m borderline shopaholic so a post like this can go either way. I either end up buying the lot or I put it off so long they’ve gone out of stock. Some of these are already out of stock in my size and some are already on their way to me so swings and roundabouts! I’ve also linked them all but they aren’t affiliate links. I never think to disclose that as my blog is quite small but I’ve seen people saying smaller blogs don’t disclose affiliates and since I’m definitely on the small side I thought I’d give it a mention!



I go through phases where I either love or hate Topshop. Recently it’s definitely been, love. I feel like they do spring/summer so much better than winter. I love khaki and leopard print, if I could have a year-round colour palette it would be with this! I feel like the price points in Topshop are really hit and miss – the dungarees are £49 while the sandals are only £18 and they’re real leather. It makes no sense to me at all!



I love ASOS. It’s always my go-to for anything, night out ASOS. Lazy Sunday outfit? ASOS. I mean I’ve never had a specific lazy Sunday outfit but if I did it would be from ASOS. I love this jumpsuit I think its so cute and perfect for spring! Unfortunately, it’s out of stock in my size but ASOS are usually good at restocking so fingers crossed! Technically the shoes are from Pull and Bear which I love but I found them on ASOS. I think these would be perfect to edge up a really girly outfit which I find myslef doing so much in spring with the weather being so hit and miss! the heel is also low enough for casual wear, which is a winner!

River Island


I actually used to work in River Island so I have a wardrobe full of their stuff even though it’s not really ‘me’. I love this blazer though, I really wanted a black and grey blazer but everyone I find is sold out. I found this and I think it’s beautiful, I love pink and blue and I have so many outfits I could wear it with, it may already be on its way to me! I never wear florals, it’s just not me but I really want to try them for spring and I  thought I could edge up this dress with some boots and a leather jacket to make it a bit more ‘Emily’.

I hope you like this post, I think I’m going to end up ordering most of these things and I’m praying they still have my size!

Thanks for reading!

Autumn Fashion Update!

I love Autumn! Especially the clothes, I love finally getting big coats out again and cozying up in wooly jumpers. By Winter I’m completely over the cold and counting down the days until the three weeks of summer are back again! So, for now, I’ve been enjoying it while it lasts – here are a few items I’ve been loving recently!

River Island Red Jumper

This is so cozy! At the minute I can wear this without a coat it’s so warm – I don’t think that’ll last for long though! It’s oversized which I love and the high neck is so flattering. It’s not quite a turtleneck but its still quite high. And the colour is amazing, who doesn’t love red? It’s 10/10 from me.

ASOS Leopard Loafers

I first saw these on Kate La Vie’s Instagram and fell in love with them, I love leopard shoes (much to my boyfriends dismay!) THese are the perfect winter loafer for me, I like my shoes to be a focus of an outfit so never really go for black making these an obvious choice!

Pull and Bear Red Boots

Speaking of shoes I love these! Like I’ve just said I never really wear black shoes so these are perfect, they are quite small sizing’s so I had to go up a size but once they’re one they’re so comfy! And they’re so cheap (£30) I love Pull & Bear in the winter months!


I really needed a bag when I started uni but couldn’t find one that was just right anywhere! This one has everything I could need even a pocket inside to zip my MacBook away! I love that there is a little strap going across which gives it a bit of something instead of a plain black bag! And at £29.99 its a steal!

ASOS Black Turtle Neck

I’ve never really been into this type of top but recently I’ve been loving The Anna Edit’s style and I knew I had to try it for myself! I love wearing it with a pair of boyfriend fit jeans but I also wore it out to dinner with a skirt which looked just as nice!

River Island Grey Jumper

This isn’t a jumper of sorts but it’s so soft! It’s quite thin which isn’t ideal but at £18 I’m sure it’ll do me until the dark depths of winter are here!

Primark Check Skirt

I’m going to start by saying this is £10! £10! I love it! I think it is perfect for this time of year with a chunky jumper and tights! I saw a girl wearing this at uni and couldn’t believe it when I found it in Primark! Amazing!

Primark Mustard Jumper

This goes so well with the skirt and its £13! An entire outfit for £23? Yes please! This is so soft and keeps selling out in my local Primark I had to go back twice for my size so definitely keep your eye out if you like it!

I hope you like these pick as much as I do, I love dressing for autumn!

Autumn Wish List

Autumn fashion has to be one of my favorites. I love how easy it is in the summer to throw on a dress and be done with it but there’s something about autumn that is just so cozy and magical! Here are a few things I’ve been loving recently which may or may not be on their way to me.. oops.

Cozy Knit

How original, somebody wants a cozy jumper for winter. wow. But if we’re all being honest they’re one of the best things about the cold weather besides hot choclate so you cant really go wrong. I love these three (left, centre, right) all from ASOS and all under £30!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 22.03.35

Thigh-High Boots

Have these had their time? Maybe so but I still love them. I think they really smarten up an outfit especially over tights and a skirt, you can go straight from shopping to cocktails which is always a winner. I love this pair from River Island as they tie around the leg which I hope means they wont fall down – the most annoying this in the world.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 21.55.20

Chelsea Boots

I think I’ve dreamt my dream chelsea boots and now I get so annoyed when I can’t find them. I want a pair that aren’t too tall, make my size 7 feet look small and are preferable a cherry red colour. I don’t know where I’ve seen these but I will find them. Until then this Doc Martain pair are close but they aren’t quite my style! I live in hope!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 21.52.33

Mini Skirt

I have so many leather mini skirts and I love to layer them in thew winter. I think this River Island one would be perfect as its something a little bit different. It would also look lovely with those chelsea boots I’ve dreamt up!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 22.00.41

Monochrome with Hints of Red

I love monochrome, I love how clean it looks and how easy it is to dress it up! I really wish I was one of those people who could look amazing in an all black outfit but I only ever look like mortitia Adams so until that day I’m going to stick to my uniform of black, white and red! I love this outfit from TopShop I think its so simple yet put together!

Thank you for reading, I’ve never done a post like this before so I hope you enjoyed it! I post every Thursday and Sunday morning so do check back!