Haul: TK Maxx / Boots Beauty Bits

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I don’t remember the last time I wrote a haul over on my blog but I have three planned for the next few weeks so I hope you like them! I recently found a few bargains in TK Maxx and Boots had a points event on so obviously I’ve been feeling a little spendy! I’ve left out the repurchases as they’re things I’ve spoken about a million times in previous posts and I’ve definitely run out of things to say about them! My TK Maxx finds are what I’m most happy about as they are such bargains and I never find makeup in TK Maxx!


tarte Tartiest Pro To Go

I couldn’t believe this when I saw it sat there in TK Maxx and nobody had mauled it with stocky fingers which is what had happened to most of the decent products! I’ve been wanting to try Tarte for ages but it’s so hard to get hold of in the UK and I was not paying for shipping from the US! The shades in this are lovely and the burgundy/purple shade is perfect for autumn winter! I love it and can see myself getting a lot of use over the coming months!

Illamasqua Lava Lips Marbled Lipstick – Vixen

I’ve never really been that fussed about Illamasqua to be honest but this shade looked so pretty – like a burnt orange/nude so I had to try it especially when it was £6.99 instead of £20! This is a little bit drying but nothing to major and it looks so pretty on the lips!

By Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick – 9. Flesh Award

I am so happy to have finally got my hands on a By Terry Product and at about half price!  This was also a TK Maxx find and cost me £12.99 instead of £24.50 which is insane! I love this as it applies so easily and the pigment is amazing! It’s also hydrating on the lips and I can finally understand the hype over By Terry products!

Burts Bees – Pink Grapefruit

I love Burts Bees lip balm and this one is no different! The taste and smell are exactly that of Pink Grapefruit and it is so hydrating on the lips – its a 10/10 from me!

NYX Eye Brow Powder Pencil – 02 Taupe

I have to admit I am happy with my current brow routine but I recently saw a friend wearing this and her brows looked amazing so I had to give it a try and I was not disappointed! It also takes about a minute to do my brows which is perfect especially with going back to uni in two weeks – I’ll be looking for a lie in at every chance I get.

Elegant Touch Quick Dry Spray

I am so impatient – to the point where I hate waiting for my nails to dry and always end up smudging them. I had a thought the other day that it would be perfect to have a spray to dry nails and a quick google later found this! This does exactly what it says on the tin and dry nails in 60 seconds which is perfect!

Babyliss Quick Blow-Dry Copper Collection Brush

Again I am so impatient and I hate drying my hair! This brush claims to dry hair quicker due to the barrel and vents and it does live up to the claims which is great! Another brilliant product for the dark mornings that are creeping up on us!

Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask

I love the idea of these! Hydration is a big thing for me so I’m always on the lookout for new products. I am a massive fan of hyaluronic acid and the blue sheet mask contains an entire bottles worth of the stuff which is amazing! I love it! I haven’t used the Glow mask yet but if this one’s anything to go by I won’t be disappointed!

I love reading hauls but my bank account definitely doesn’t! I hope you’ve liked this post as, as I said at the beginning of this post I have a few more planned – a little different to this but still! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think!

Thanks so much for reading!


Glossier Empties: Worth The Hype?

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I am a massive Glossier fan – everything I’ve tried I love but there are so many products to choose from that a repurchase is the gold standard of amazing. I very rarely repurchase products – I’m always on the lookout for new stuff. Don’t get me wrong I have a few tried and tested staples; most of which are skincare. I thought I’d talk through my recent Glossier empties and why I would or wouldn’t repurchase!


Milky Jelly Cleanser

I think this is really good. The pump makes it so handy to use and it looks super cute on my bathroom shelf. However, at the minute I can’t see myself repurchasing. Never say never but I think this is definitely more of a summer cleanser. It’s so lightweight and it doesn’t make my skin feel dry or tight after using it but coming into winter  I prefer a more heavy duty cleanser to get everything off. The jury is still out though, I’m in two minds about using it as my second cleanse but to be honest I think there are better cleansers out there and I don’t think this done all that much for my skin.


I really like this and I 10/10 would recommend. It does exactly what it’s supposed to and it looks cute while doing it. I love pink can you tell? But I am really excited by Pixi’s new launch of tonics to add to their Glow Tonic (which is my all time fave!) so I’m definitely going to try their retinol toner first before I repurchase this although as I’m typing it I’m thinking Solution in the AM and Pixi in the PM. I’m my bank accounts worst enemy!

Priming Moisturiser

This is perfect and I will definitely repurchase. Even if I find another moisturiser I will definitely use this again and again. It’s so lightweight yet hydrating I love it! I also want to try the Priming Mo0isturiser Rich when the cold drys my skin out.

Boy Brow

I actually ran out of this a while back and haven’t repurchased it I’ve just been holding onto the dregs that are left but I am planning on buying it again! I’ve already purchased it for a few friends as gifts and to me that it the sign of a really good product! I’d never gift something not worth it!

I’ve read this back and I’ve mentioned winter twice and it’s only the beginning of August. I am full of cold at the minute so I’m going to blame it on that! I’m actually in Edinburgh as you read this enjoying the fringe festival and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I’m back – and what makeup/skincare bit I’ve brought with me obviously!

Thank you so much for reading!

My Cuba Trip!

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I recently went on the most amazing holiday in Cuba! It was paradise and I can’t wait to go back, for today’s post I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my time there!


First off it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too and I cannot imagine anywhere to be as untouched and natural. It’s true when they say it’s like its stuck in time although they do have some modern cars which I was not expecting there are definitely plenty of old timely cars which I loved!


The beach. Oh my god the beach. It was perfect, white sands and crystal clear water with what looked like a jungle for a backdrop. What more can you ask for? A hammock? They had that as well. Perfect.


Cuban locals still use horse and carts and even bulls and carts to transport goods and even people. I saw a ‘school bus’ which consisted of a bull drawn cart full of young children. Everybody looked so happy and content with some locals even saying they have no desire for a McDonalds. I do not blame them – I’d give up McDonald’s for the views alone!


Whilst we were there we went on a day trip to Castro’s (yes the Castro!) island which was beautiful. We snorkelled with hundred of fish – some much bigger than I would have liked and seen plenty of animals including the most beautiful red Macaw – it was like something out of a film!


I think you can tell I was more than impressed by Cuba, the weather, beaches and people were all amazing and I cannot wait to go back and explore more of their amazing country!

The Empties Edit

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It’s been a little while since I had an empties post for you but I’ve reached the end of quite a few products lately. Why is it, it always happens like that – everything always runs out at the same time and usually weeks away from payday! I’ve been good at keeping hold of things this time as I usually throw them away and there is quite a few…


Fleur De Force Brow Pencil – Medium

Is it an empties post without this? I think not. I’ve gone through so many of these and I still love them, I hands down think this is the best brow product I’ve ever used, the shade is perfect for me! I’ve already repurchased my fourth/fifth (I’ve lost count) which says a lot!

Glossier BoyBrow – Medium Brown

I love this. I never thought I’d ever use a brow gel up but this is easily the best I’ve tried. It’s like mixing all the best elements of my others faves into one perfect tube. I haven’t repurchased this yet as I do have a few others on the go and I don’t need one just yet… but I will definitely buy it again!

The Ordinary Buffet Serum

I’d heard so much good stuff about this that I couldn’t help myself and had to try it. I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed. I didn’t think it done anything for me that the Hyaluronic Acid 2% doesn’t so for that reason alone I’ve gone back to the Hylarponic acid as its half the price. The buffet serum is very reasonable anyway but I’m a student so…

Nars Creamy Concealer – Vanilla

This one is kind of a cheat as I used most of it up last year and I know it’s probably over its use by date but I wanted to try it again and I fell in love with it! I forgot how much I loved it it’s so creamy and the coverage is amazing! I’d really recommend!

Origins GinZing Face Scrub

I love the Origins GinZing range! I’ve gone on about it so much on my blog that I actually got bored of myself! Over the past few months, I’ve been using this and the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser so it’s lasted longer than I thought. I wasn’t going to repurchase this but my boyfriend loves it so I might get it for him/me and use it as well as Glossier!

I hope you’ve liked this post, I personally love seeing what people get to the end of! If you have any recommendations of what I could replace these with let me know below!

Thanks for reading!

The New Edit

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I’ve been testing so much new stuff I’m so excited to share it with you! April was a busy month for me between birthdays and a new job I had so much going on that I wore make up so much more! Student loan also dropped which meant everywhere had discounts and I could not help myself – here’s what I picked up!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glow Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve had my eye on this for so long but I couldn’t decide between this and the Modern REnassaince palette but when beauty bay had 20% off for students I took the plunge and went for the soft glow and I haven’t been disappointed. I love the colours and the shimmers are so pigmented – I’m not used to it at all the first time I used them I used wayyy too much. Yes, this does have a lot of fall out but I find its mostly in the pan and doesn’t fall on the face so beggars cannot be choosers here!

The Ordinary Primer

I managed to get this for £3.20 and it is the best £3.20 I’ve spent. This arrived in the middle of that mini heatwave we have and it managed to keep my foundation in place all day even though a full shift which I was amazed at. I love this.

Mac Little Velvet Teddy

Can you believe I’ve never tried this?! I’ve heard so much about it but I’d never even watched it! I saw it in a mini version on ASOS and thought I might as well give it ago since it’s such a cult favourite and I have not been disappointed. Maybe not the best summer shade but it’s beautiful none the less.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Mini – Moonstone and Champagne Pop

I’ve been dying to try Champagne Pop for ages but after my nightmare with Parisian Lights, I was really reluctant because I couldn’t see the shade in person. When I saw they done mini versions of both of these shades and there was 15% off I knew I had to try them and I love them. Moonstone is a bit light for me at the moment but in the winter/when I don’t have tan on it’ll be amazing!

Lush Lip Scrub – Bubblegum

This is a cult classic. I usually get the popcorn scrub but I love the smell of this so I gave it a go and as you can expect it work. it does exactly what it says it will so there are no complaints from me!

L’absolu Lacquer Lipstick – 378 Be Unique

I am obsessed with this! It feels so good on the lips and the colour last so well! I love it and I really want to try more shades in this. I feel like this will be one of my favourite formulas and it’s so easy to apply!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Student loan dropped the exact same time as a heatwave so that can only mean one thing! I’m trying to stay out the sun a bit more this year – I love the sun and being tan but I’m not too fond of being wrinkled/skin cancer so I’ve made some changes! This had been hyped up on Instagram so much and I fell for it and gave it a go. It smells lovely and there’s not a hint of biscuits. It also gives a lovely colour to the face which I suppose is the point, right?
This has already featured in two of my posts including my April Favourites so you know I love it!

I hope you’ve liked this lengthy post! I have a post coming on Sunday where I show most of these products in action so please do check back for that!

Thanks for reading!

Review: March Birchbox x Cath Kidson

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Another month is flying past! I really look forward to my Birchbox’s every month even if I’m not always 100% happy with them. But I suppose that’s part of the gamble with all beauty products, I have altered my preferences on Birchbox so hopefully, I’ll get a more suited box in the future! That being said I do quite like this box even if it did arrive just after I’d bought a new hairspray.


ModelCo Baked Blush – Moonshine

I was so excited to receive this as Birchbox had announced it at the end of last month however it is tiny. When I say tiny I mean like the size of a 50p tiny. I was expecting much more from this as well. The product itself is nice but the pigmentation isn’t great and it really doesn’t compare to any of my highlight favourites. I know it’s called a blush but I cannot understand why maybe it’s just this shade but its definitely more of a highlighting shade. It does create a softer glow than any of my other highlighters however I definitely prefer a more obvious glow, so if you don’t I think you could really like this!

Beautaniq Beauty Fill + Tame Brow Gel – Blonde

They sent me the shade ‘Blonde’ in this and I always tend to use a medium brown gel, however, I haven’t had my brows tinted in a while so this does suit me, it is a bit ashy though! The product itself holds the brows in place without drying down crispy – which I love! It’s quite wet and does take a while to dry which is something to note if you haven’t finished getting ready (the first time I used it I majorly smudged it with my top!) I would recommend this though I’m quite impressed!

Cath Kidston Hand Cream – Latimer Rose

This smells lovely! It has the typical Cath Kidson print and looks so cute. I also find it does hydrate my hands which is good – obviously as its a hand cream! To be honest I don’t use hand cream the often even though I should so hopefully this gives me the push I need!

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator

The name of this just screams that I’ll love it! I haven’t given this a full test as it’s a shade or two too dark for me, I did, however, mix it with my it Cosmetics CC cream to give it more of a glow and it seemed to work but I’d be more interested come summer to try it alone!

Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray

When they say firm they mean firm! This holds the hair so well, it is quite sticky at first but that drys down as it sets, I also love the smell and although £12.50 is steep for a hairspray this would be one I’d splurge on if I had a special occasion coming up. For now, though I think I’ll stick with my normal hairspray and whip this out for a big night out!

A mixed review as always with my Birchbox but I’m still not cancelling my subscription so they must be doing something right!

I missed last Sundays upload as I was out picking up a new car and generally being an all round busy bee. I’m coming up on the home stretch of my first year at uni and exams are right around the corner so apologies if my blogs arent 100% in the next few weeks. I’m still aiming for two uploads a week and hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to it!

Thank you for reading!

Multi-use Eye Look

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I spend a lot of my time going between Liverpool and Manchester so a multi-use product is really important for me. I tend to find that it’s on the eyes that products are easy to re-use. So for today’s blog post, I thought I’d share a full eye look using only face products!


To start with I take the Loreal Longwear Shape Stick Foundation and press it into the eyelid all the way up to my brows. This creates a perfect base and primes the lid to make sure the powders stay all day. As its so creamy it blends like a dream!

Next, I take the clearly very well loved Glam Bronze also from Loreal on an NYX 16 fluffy brush and blend it into my socket to create definition in the crease. Sometimes I take it a little higher and blend it out depending on what look I’m going for that day. To be honest this look is a casual ‘I woke up late’ look that I love for uni.

Next, I take a highlighter – my two favourites for this look are the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal or the Manna Kadar Beauty highlighter in Fantasy. I blend these all over the crease. Opal creates a wide-eyed and awake look which is a perfect first thing on a Monday! Whereas Fantasy is a tiny bit darker and more of a peachy highlight – both are beautiful! I then go in again with my crease shade to define everything a little more and place a tiny amount of Opal on the brow bone to lift my face a bit.

I’ve recently been trying the Becca Parisian Lights Shimmering Skin Perfector and I think that (or any highlighter really) would look beautiful on the lids!

Thank you so much for reading – I’ve recently hit 100 subscribers on my blog which I know isn’t a massive amount but I’m really happy with it so thank you! I post new blogs every Sunday and Thursday so make sure you check back!


February Favourites

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I was wondering why I don’t have too many favourites this month and then I realised it’s February and as I’m writing this its been three weeks since my last favourites. This month has flown by and I’ve been busier than ever which has meant my go-to look has been anything that is quick and easy whilst on the move.


Glossier Blam dot Com

I love these, I was really apprehensive about trying them as I have loads of lip balms but I gave in to the hype and ordered the Coconut one – which was then swiftly followed by the birthday cake flavour. They are so nice and they taste amazing! Next on my list to try are the tinted ones!

Renunail Nail Strengthener

I’ve tried this before and loved it so when my nails where in need of a bit of TLC this was the first thing I reached for. It has saved my nails within a week they had grown a substantial amount and it’s purely down to this I’ve tried all sorts and this is the only thing I’d ever go back to!

The Estee Edit Late Night Eraser

As I said earlier I’ve been really busy this month so this has been a must-have. It leaves under my eyes brighter and more awake looking – unfortunately, it’s not a miracle worker so it doesn’t get rid of my bags but other than that this is a winner!

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder

I actually ordered this just after Christmas and a few too many chocolates hoping it would arrive before new years eve. It never. However, for the past two months I’ve been loving using it every day. It’s ashy enough that it looks as though there is a natural shadow which is always good! It also blends like a dream which I need first thing in the morning.

Percy & Reed Finishing Polish

I’ve been reaching for this everytime I’ve washed my hair since I received it in this months Birchbox! It leaves my hair looking as though I’ve straightened it after just a semi-blow dry. Again lazy girls life hack. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants straight hair without all the heat damage!

I have two TV/Netflix favourites this month first is The Sinner. Jessica Biel is incredible and if you love a thriller you will definitely like this. Unlike most shows, it’s not a ‘who done it’ more of a ‘why’ which is amazing!

Second is End of the F**king World. This is so good and it’s British which I love! It stars two teenagers on a road trip – one who is looking to kill someone ideally his girlfriend. The episodes are only twenty minutes long as well so it’s a quick watch!

So there we go, another month down! I also want to mention Glossier solution which I’ve been loving but I feel like it’s early days yet so keep your eyes peeled for a full post next month. I love reading other peoples favourites post and have found a lot of my all-time faves from them so please link yours below and I’ll give it a read!

Top Three: Perfume

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It’s Top Three time again! I love writing these posts as it makes me really think about what my favourites are – of all time as opposed to monthly ever-changing favourites! Today it’s my perfume favourites which are all quite similar in smell – I have a clear favourite, sweet and girlie!

JPEG image-C02438818A4A-1

Marc Jacobs Daisy – £55

I’ve had a few people tell me to stay away from Marc Jacobs as they don’t last very long on the skin butI’ve never found that! If I have a ‘signature scent’ this is it. I wear it most days and I’ll be so upset when it runs out. I love how it’s sweet but not too sweet and it’s not overpowering it’s just right!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh – £65

This is my summer option compared to Daisy which is a bit heavier. I love how girlie this is and whenever I wear this it makes me feel happy, can a perfume do that? This one definitely does!

Chloe Love Story – £82

I think this is about as heavy as my perfumes will ever get and it’s still not very heavy. Some people say it smells like soap but I love it – I can see where they’re coming from but I think it smells so nice! Before I had this I used to wear Chloe Roses every. single. day. so I think I have a brand preference!

I have a few other perfumes I rotate in and out as well but for the most part, these are what I reach for every day. I love both brands and can’t imagine not liking one of their perfumes

The Empties Edit | 2

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I’ve been making a conscious effort to keep hold of my empties and let me tell you it is hard. I actually wanted to wait a little while so there were more but they’re annoying me hanging around my room so here we are.


Garnier Micellar Water Sensitive Skin 700ml – £7.99

I think this bottle lasted me a good part of 2017. I like to get the big bottle when it’s on offer in boots – a fiver for a product that lasts all year! I use this daily for a few different reasons. After I’ve cleansed in the evening I like it use this before I use a toner to make sure all my make up is definitely off. I also use it on a cotton bud in the morning to correct any mistakes/smudged mascara/uneven brows. It’s perfect, it doesn’t strip my skin at all and it’s so gentle but gets the job done, I’d highly recommend this!


Pixi Glow Tonic – £18

I’ve been a huge fan of this for years and usually have a back up ready to go as soon a one is finished however as fate would have it I hadn’t yet purchased one and then Glossier brought out their ‘Solution’ which I am already loving.

The Pixi Glow Tonic is cult in the blogging world and I found it through Caroline Hirons blog years ago and I’ve loved it ever since, I actually used to get my dad to send me bottles from the Pixi store on Carnaby Street. Obsessed much?

Nip+Fab Bee Sting Fix eye -10ml – £15.69

This is a nice eye cream. It hydrated under my eyes but that’s about it. I didn’t notice any difference when using this so I won’t be repurchasing.


L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Couture Mascara Black – £10.99

This is my all time favourite mascara! I’ve actually gone to boots twice to prepurchase it but talk myself out of it as I have so many mascaras on the go that I want to use up and they don’t get a look in. This mascara manages to make it look like you’re wearing false lashes and I recommend it to everyone I meet.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – £25.00

I love this. I think it’s perfect for brightening under the eyes on a Monday morning. It’s really lightweight and still manages to brighten. If you’ve read my last post you’ll know I’ve just purchased the Becca Undereye Corrector which I’m loving but it is really creamy so it definitely has a different place in my heart that this! And I will be repurchasing it come summer when I like to use much less makeup.

I love empties posts. I hardly ever use up makeup so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth when something runs out! It’s also proof that something is definitely worth it! I have my January favourites post coming on Sunday so check back!