My Brow Routine

I love doing my brows – I don’t necessarily love my brows but I love doing them. Actually, I hate doing them but I definitely love the end result! Lately, I’ve been really enjoying a minimal makeup look which includes not much more than brows and mascara! Obviously, this means that my brows need to be looking good as they’re the main feature!


As you may know, I constantly go on about the Fleur De Force brow products but shock horror this post is actually not about them! I recently found a Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in shade 002 Hazel and I’ve been really enjoying using it. My main problem with brow pencils is that they’re quite stiff to use and end up pulling my brow hairs out or looking too unnatural but this pencil glides onto the brows so easily and takes next to no time. The shade itself is quite warm but as its summer this works perfectly although come winter I’ll need to swap it out for something a bit ashier. (When I’ve checked online there only seems to be darker shades than this which is a bit odd).


I’ve been setting my brows into place with my trusty old fave Glossier Boy Brow and highlighting my brow bone with Becca Champagne Pop or no highlighter at all – this is a lazy day after all! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post I’m always looking for new brow products so leave any links to your brow related blog posts below for me to check out!

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The New Edit

I’ve been testing so much new stuff I’m so excited to share it with you! April was a busy month for me between birthdays and a new job I had so much going on that I wore make up so much more! Student loan also dropped which meant everywhere had discounts and I could not help myself – here’s what I picked up!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glow Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve had my eye on this for so long but I couldn’t decide between this and the Modern REnassaince palette but when beauty bay had 20% off for students I took the plunge and went for the soft glow and I haven’t been disappointed. I love the colours and the shimmers are so pigmented – I’m not used to it at all the first time I used them I used wayyy too much. Yes, this does have a lot of fall out but I find its mostly in the pan and doesn’t fall on the face so beggars cannot be choosers here!

The Ordinary Primer

I managed to get this for £3.20 and it is the best £3.20 I’ve spent. This arrived in the middle of that mini heatwave we have and it managed to keep my foundation in place all day even though a full shift which I was amazed at. I love this.

Mac Little Velvet Teddy

Can you believe I’ve never tried this?! I’ve heard so much about it but I’d never even watched it! I saw it in a mini version on ASOS and thought I might as well give it ago since it’s such a cult favourite and I have not been disappointed. Maybe not the best summer shade but it’s beautiful none the less.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Mini – Moonstone and Champagne Pop

I’ve been dying to try Champagne Pop for ages but after my nightmare with Parisian Lights, I was really reluctant because I couldn’t see the shade in person. When I saw they done mini versions of both of these shades and there was 15% off I knew I had to try them and I love them. Moonstone is a bit light for me at the moment but in the winter/when I don’t have tan on it’ll be amazing!

Lush Lip Scrub – Bubblegum

This is a cult classic. I usually get the popcorn scrub but I love the smell of this so I gave it a go and as you can expect it work. it does exactly what it says it will so there are no complaints from me!

L’absolu Lacquer Lipstick – 378 Be Unique

I am obsessed with this! It feels so good on the lips and the colour last so well! I love it and I really want to try more shades in this. I feel like this will be one of my favourite formulas and it’s so easy to apply!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Student loan dropped the exact same time as a heatwave so that can only mean one thing! I’m trying to stay out the sun a bit more this year – I love the sun and being tan but I’m not too fond of being wrinkled/skin cancer so I’ve made some changes! This had been hyped up on Instagram so much and I fell for it and gave it a go. It smells lovely and there’s not a hint of biscuits. It also gives a lovely colour to the face which I suppose is the point, right?
This has already featured in two of my posts including my April Favourites so you know I love it!

I hope you’ve liked this lengthy post! I have a post coming on Sunday where I show most of these products in action so please do check back for that!

Thanks for reading!