A Minibreak in Edinburgh​

Last weekend I took a mini break to Edinburgh and it was amazing! It was everything I imagined and more. The purpose of the trip was to watch as much theatre as we could fit into four days and I think it was very successful fitting in 13 shows – some amazing, some good some not so good. Personally, I loved Trainspotting Live which was a theatrical version of the film set in a tunnel under Edinburgh. I also saw a political piece ‘Trojan Horse’ which was amazing! A few of my friends were up there with their own shows so it was lovely to catch up and support them!

Edinburgh the city was so beautiful! I really wanted to explore more of the city but there were so many people it was impossible to get about in the time between shows! I will definitely be taking a trip back to see the sights.

One thing I obviously made time for was a mini-tour of sights to do with Harry Potter. I am a massive fan and In was not going to miss out on seeing different sights including a cafe where JK Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter – which is now a Chines restaurant The Elephant House and a street that inspired Diagon Alley.

The food there was also a highlight – plenty of street food and too much haggis which I am not a fan of! I tried the best Mac and Cheese with pesto and sun blushed tomatoes – it doesn’t sound as nice as it tasted! I ate so much bad stuff that I was actually happy to be home to start eating healthy again! I brought home typical Scottish treats – Irn Bru, Scottish Shortbread and Edinburgh Gin. Whilst we were there we found a pub that sold £2 Gin and Tonics so I’m actually ready for a little Gin detox!

So somehow I managed to upload an old version of this! But I hope you’ve enjoyed it let me know if you’ve been to Fringe and what you thought!

Thanks for reading!