A Summer Sick Day Pamper Routine

Who gets sick in August?! I don’t know how I managed it but in the middle of a heatwave I got sick – nothing major just a cold. The exact opposite of a summer illness. Now when I’m sick in the winter I know exactly what to do and I get in bed with candles and a cup of tea and stay there until I’m well again. But I could not imagine putting a candle on in this heat never mind lying under the covers in bed so I did what I know best and went home to my mums for the day.


I had a full day of girlie pampering which actually managed to cure me – yes I did nearly faint in Primark but it was all in the name of new PJs! To make the most of this sick day me and my mum went shopping for said new PJ’s before watching Mamma Mia 2 (highly recommend) and getting pizza. Pizza cures all, the only downside was not ordering a wine as I could just about taste and nobody wants a wine headache when their sick especially when you can’t even taste the wine!

When we got home I decided to run myself the bath or all baths and have a full pamper routine. I’m talking Lush bath bomb, hair mask, face mask, shaving every inch of your body and Netflix. I managed to finish SAFE on Netflix in two days and it is so good if you haven’t watched it definitely add it to your list!


For my bath, I used the Lash Intergalactic bath bomb which is my all time fave mermaid-like bath. Whilst in the bath I applied the Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask and Luseta  Coconut Milk Hair Mask. I felt so squeaky clean when I got out of the bath and had my new PJ’s and fluffy socks waiting for me! I then used the Origins Drink Up Intensive and let it soak in before using The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane, Kheils Midnight Recovery Eye and Clarins Multi-Active Nuit night cream. These three used together make my skin look really glowing and plump the next morning. I love the Retinol I started on 0.2 but it hasn’t caused any issues with my skin so I’ll definitely try a higher percentage next time!

Maybe it was purely coincidence but when I woke up the next day I felt a million times better! I can’t believe I got sick in August that’s a new one for me!

Thank you so much for reading!



Five Key Holiday Pieces

I really should rename this ‘UK Heatwave Key Pieces’ this recent weather has had me reaching for my holiday clothes that usually get worn a week or two a year! This weather has been amazing – I haven’t gotten much/anything done the past few weeks as its been to hot! Any old excuse! I thought today I’d talk you through my five key pieces to make it through a holiday if you’re packing light!

Version 2

Summer Dress

Who doesn’t love a summer dress?! They’re so easy to throw on especially on a holiday where let’s be honest sometimes you just want an easy throw on and go outfit! This stripped version is from ASOS and although I love this dress it had a little accident in the washing machine and is now red (never leave your boyfriend to wash all the holiday washing however good it sounds!)

Denim Shorts

These are a staple in any summer wardrobe! I have a casual pair of old Levi shorts and a smarter pair for nighttimes or when I want to feel a little dressed up but still cool! I love the cool ‘I just threw these on’ feel of an old pair of denim shorts!


Sliders have really made a comeback over recent years! Now they come in all shapes and colours and are no longer just for dads taking out the bins!


These don’t really need mention but they are key so I thought I’d include them! They are also perfect for taking pictures on holiday and not squinting in every single picture!


I’m actually the worst at packing light and take one bikini/cover-up per day when realistically for a week you need two or three providing you take travel wash with you! I love this matching set from Primark – palm tree prints are perfect for summer!


Okay, I said five key pieces and this is a sixth but like I said I’m no good at packing light! If you are packing light you won’t want to take a lilo but Primark have so many cute ones I had to include it!

Writing this post has really made me want to go on holiday again! This weather is great and all but real life takes over and I don’t have a pool to lie by in sunny Manchester!

I hope you’ve liked this post!

Thank you for reading

Minimal In-Flight Routine!

I don’t know if you’d even noticed but I didn’t blog last week as I was in Cuba! I planned on scheduling posts to go up however with exams and work the time got away from me so I thought I’d take some time away!

Cuba was amazing but I’ll save that for a whole post of its own – today is my in-flight essentials. The flight to Cuba was 9 and a half hours so I had plenty of time for some in-flight care!

IMG_3927 2

I could not get on a plane without an eye mask and fluffy socks – I love to have a nap so I do everything I can to make sure I’ll fall asleep. During the flight to Cuba, I even slept through the duty-free round which I was not best pleased with!

Most of these are self-explanatory – baby wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and hand cream. Aeroplanes are filthy so these are necessities!

All of the products I took were miostuising – Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask, Kheils Midnight Recovery Eye, Nip+Fab Soften Kale Fix Moisturiser and obviously Glossier Balm dot com in Birthdaycake. I layered them all as I would normally at home lip, eye, mosituriser and mask. My boyfriend thought I was a little crazy but what do boys know?!

I hoped you’ve liked this look into a stripped back in flight routine – I get a bit overwhelmed when I see people taking sheetmask after sheetmask and I know I’d never use them so this minimal routine works really well for me!

Make sure to check back on Sunday for my May favourites which is a bit late this month but it’s been quite hectic!

Thank you for reading!

Christmas​ Shopping Haul!


Last week I was definitely in the Christmas mood! I spent most of my week counting down to the end of uni and thinking about Christmas – I even made a mini Christmas dinner for me and my boyfriend and decorated three trees while watching Elf. Buddy is my spirit animal.

On Friday I went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester to buy Christmas presents and walked away with no presents but plenty of stuff for myself. Go figure. So I thought I’d show you what I got. First I bought the fairy lights for my bed from Primark which were £2.50 and they make the room so cosy!


To start with I bought this lovely black fur gilet from New Look which with student discount worked out at about £40! I’ve seen loads like this but never for that cheap, I knew I had to have it. I think I’ll wear this over a dress on Christmas Day – I tend to get quite dressed up for Christmas even though I stay at home for most of the day.

The top under it is from ZARA and was £12.99 – bargain! Its black and white check type print with red detailing on the sleeves, it’s simple yet not at the same time so I really like it!


This top is also from ZARA and I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I love the blue stripes with the black detailing and it was only £29.99 – which is a standard ZARA price. I tried it on with my gilet and loved it so I think I’ll be wearing this over Christmas as well!

IMG_3277 2

I obviously bought a few beauty bits as well. No surprise here but I bought my THIRD Fleur De Force Brow Pencil. I think I mist use too much as I’ve gone through two since August – maybe I’m pressing too hard. I also picked up a Peppermint Burts Bees; I don’t need another as I’ve got three on the go but it’s Christmas and I wanted to feel festive.

As I was leaving Selfridges all shopped out I spotted an it Cosmetics counter. I’ve been wanting to try the CC Cream for so long now but was unsure on my shade. The Lovely lady on the counter matched me to Fair which I think is the lightest shade. She also applied some to me and my skin looked flawless so good in fact my best friend kept staring – I think she’ll be picking a tube up soon! They also gave me a free sample of their mascara which I haven’t tried yet, my daily mascara is almost finished so I’m waiting to see what I think!IMG_3276

Imagine going into Lush with a screaming one year old who is running around playing with all the bath bombs. Yes, that was my life while in Lush. I quickly picked up two Christmas looking bubble bars and left before too much damage could be done. The Candy Mountain one I tried last year and loved it but The Magic of Christmas wand is new I think – I’m saving that one for my Christmas eve bath!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini haul! I definitely enjoyed making all these purchases.

Autumn Fashion Update!

I love Autumn! Especially the clothes, I love finally getting big coats out again and cozying up in wooly jumpers. By Winter I’m completely over the cold and counting down the days until the three weeks of summer are back again! So, for now, I’ve been enjoying it while it lasts – here are a few items I’ve been loving recently!

River Island Red Jumper

This is so cozy! At the minute I can wear this without a coat it’s so warm – I don’t think that’ll last for long though! It’s oversized which I love and the high neck is so flattering. It’s not quite a turtleneck but its still quite high. And the colour is amazing, who doesn’t love red? It’s 10/10 from me.

ASOS Leopard Loafers

I first saw these on Kate La Vie’s Instagram and fell in love with them, I love leopard shoes (much to my boyfriends dismay!) THese are the perfect winter loafer for me, I like my shoes to be a focus of an outfit so never really go for black making these an obvious choice!

Pull and Bear Red Boots

Speaking of shoes I love these! Like I’ve just said I never really wear black shoes so these are perfect, they are quite small sizing’s so I had to go up a size but once they’re one they’re so comfy! And they’re so cheap (£30) I love Pull & Bear in the winter months!


I really needed a bag when I started uni but couldn’t find one that was just right anywhere! This one has everything I could need even a pocket inside to zip my MacBook away! I love that there is a little strap going across which gives it a bit of something instead of a plain black bag! And at £29.99 its a steal!

ASOS Black Turtle Neck

I’ve never really been into this type of top but recently I’ve been loving The Anna Edit’s style and I knew I had to try it for myself! I love wearing it with a pair of boyfriend fit jeans but I also wore it out to dinner with a skirt which looked just as nice!

River Island Grey Jumper

This isn’t a jumper of sorts but it’s so soft! It’s quite thin which isn’t ideal but at £18 I’m sure it’ll do me until the dark depths of winter are here!

Primark Check Skirt

I’m going to start by saying this is £10! £10! I love it! I think it is perfect for this time of year with a chunky jumper and tights! I saw a girl wearing this at uni and couldn’t believe it when I found it in Primark! Amazing!

Primark Mustard Jumper

This goes so well with the skirt and its £13! An entire outfit for £23? Yes please! This is so soft and keeps selling out in my local Primark I had to go back twice for my size so definitely keep your eye out if you like it!

I hope you like these pick as much as I do, I love dressing for autumn!