Review: Becca x Chrissy Teigan

Who doesn’t love Chrissy Teigen? She is the ultimate girl crush, hilarious, witty and so beautiful. If anything is going to attempt to give me her glow I am all in! As soon as I saw this on Instagram I knew I had to have it. Now we’re talking refreshing Cult Beauty numerous times a day even though I’d joined the waitlist – maybe I was a bit over the top but I also love Becca as a brand so I knew I had to have it.


It’s been a while since I bought any new makeup, I’ve been really loving no makeup days lately so it seems a little pointless but this was definitely worth it! Look at it! It is the most beautiful powder I think I’ve ever seen and I have nothing like it in my collection all of my bronzers are matte and as you can tell this is not. Well technically the bronzer itself is and it looks beautiful alone but when the three shades are swirled together they are unreal.

I’ve found the best application is to apply all three to the cheeks separately and then blend them together by using all three shades on the one brush. When I’m having a no makeup day but still want a bit of a glow I’ve been going in with all three blended together but using each on separately first gives much more impact. They’re both equally nice but completely different looks. Unlike some powders, each shade is big enough to get your brush in and use individually. I cant see myself doing that too much as I wouldn’t want to hit pan on one shade!

I really love this collection Becca has brought out and the body glow looks to die for but this was easily the stand out for me – I think this is my fifth Becca powder so I am a little obsessed but who can blame me?

Have you tried this collection, let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!