Five Key Holiday Pieces

I really should rename this ‘UK Heatwave Key Pieces’ this recent weather has had me reaching for my holiday clothes that usually get worn a week or two a year! This weather has been amazing – I haven’t gotten much/anything done the past few weeks as its been to hot! Any old excuse! I thought today I’d talk you through my five key pieces to make it through a holiday if you’re packing light!

Version 2

Summer Dress

Who doesn’t love a summer dress?! They’re so easy to throw on especially on a holiday where let’s be honest sometimes you just want an easy throw on and go outfit! This stripped version is from ASOS and although I love this dress it had a little accident in the washing machine and is now red (never leave your boyfriend to wash all the holiday washing however good it sounds!)

Denim Shorts

These are a staple in any summer wardrobe! I have a casual pair of old Levi shorts and a smarter pair for nighttimes or when I want to feel a little dressed up but still cool! I love the cool ‘I just threw these on’ feel of an old pair of denim shorts!


Sliders have really made a comeback over recent years! Now they come in all shapes and colours and are no longer just for dads taking out the bins!


These don’t really need mention but they are key so I thought I’d include them! They are also perfect for taking pictures on holiday and not squinting in every single picture!


I’m actually the worst at packing light and take one bikini/cover-up per day when realistically for a week you need two or three providing you take travel wash with you! I love this matching set from Primark – palm tree prints are perfect for summer!


Okay, I said five key pieces and this is a sixth but like I said I’m no good at packing light! If you are packing light you won’t want to take a lilo but Primark have so many cute ones I had to include it!

Writing this post has really made me want to go on holiday again! This weather is great and all but real life takes over and I don’t have a pool to lie by in sunny Manchester!

I hope you’ve liked this post!

Thank you for reading